12 Oct

General Manager Customer And Engagement Jobs Vacancy in Aurora Energy

General Manager Customer And Engagement
Aurora Energy
12 Oct, 2018 30+ days ago

Aurora Energy urgently required following position for General Manager Customer And Engagement. Please read this job advertisement carefully before apply. There are some qualifications, experience and skills requirement that the employers require. Does your career history fit these requirements? Ensure you understand the role you are applying for and that it is suited to your skills and qualifications.

Follow the online directions, complete all the necessary fields, and provide all relevant information so your application is submitted correctly. When you click the 'Apply this Job' button (open in new window) you will be taken to the online application form. Here you will be asked to provide personal and contact details, respond to employment-related questions, and show how you meet the key selection criteria.

General Manager Customer And Engagement Jobs Vacancy in Aurora Energy Jobs Details:

Title: General Manager – Customer and Engagement

Location: Dunedin

Reports to: Chief Executive

Purpose: Lead the execution of Aurora Energy’s customer experience vision. Accountable

for setting and overseeing clear policies for guiding how Aurora Energy (and its service

providers) engage with customers and stakeholders. Drive the transformation needed

across the business to deliver the businesses Customer Orientation and Our Team

foundation objectives. Deliver meaningful engagement with staff, customers and

stakeholders. Manage the activities that determine and influence Aurora Energy’s

reputation and the quality of its wider stakeholder relationships. Accountable for managing

the day-to-day delivery of Aurora Energy’s new customer initiated works (CIW) process and

the resulting experience that customers receive. Oversee Aurora Energy’s Human Resources


Other Parameters: Direct reports: 4 FTE Indirect reports: 6.7 FTE

Key Internal Interfaces: Chief Executive, Board, Executive Leadership Team, General Manager –


Key External Interfaces: Customers (including energy retailers and end-use consumers), other

electricity lines companies’ Executive Leadership members, Dunedin City Holdings and Dunedin

City Council, Local Authorities, Media, Electorate-based Members of Parliament, contractors and

suppliers, other stakeholder groups and community organisations.

1. Our Values

Aurora Energy expects its people to always behave in line with our company values.

2. Key Result Areas

Jobholder is accountable for: Jobholder is successful when:

Health and Safety Leadership

1. Commitment to health and safety

management and leadership 

Ensuring full compliance with Aurora Energy’s

health and safety systems, policies, practices

and relevant legislation 

Providing overarching safety and risk

leadership, fostering a safety mind set and

builds a leadership culture based around care 

Ensure Board and Executive Leadership Team

visibility and awareness of critical risks and

progress in risk mitigation.

Shows a personal commitment to health

and safety and ensuring the wellbeing of

Aurora’s people. 

Team members are aware of and act on

their health and safety responsibilities,

adhere to requirements at all times and

targeted health and safety performance is

achieved. 

Builds a positive and engaged safety culture

within the team and our contractors.

  • Undertakes frequent safety observations,

regularly reviewing safety performance. 

Incident investigations and corrective

actions are completed in a timely manner,

learnings are shared and inform future

decision making.

Customer Experience and Stakeholder Engagement

2. Customer experience and stakeholder

engagement 

Creating a culture which embraces high

quality customer service, ensuring that systems

and processes drive service delivery

outcomes. 

Capturing customer insights and trends and

translating these into a foundation for an

improved understanding of customer

behaviours together with a clear strategy for

delivering ongoing process improvements to

support positive customer experiences. 

Engaging and negotiate with stakeholders on

strategic issues and value preferences;

including customer and stakeholder

engagement on Aurora Energy’s Customised

Price Path. 

Developing a quantifiable Customer Charter

aligned to the Aurora Energy business plan

and Company values. 

Establishing, communicating and monitoring

clear customer service standards to be

applied by third parties interfacing with

customers on Aurora Energy’s behalf. 

Delivery of a front line customer call centre

service to manage day to day queries,

complaints and fault calls. 

Customer experience is managed,

measured and benchmarked. 

Trend analysis identifies quantifiable

improvement in customer experience over

time. 

Aurora team members (contractors and

third party agents) are aware of and

consistently meet documented customer

service guidelines. 

Complaints analysis is used to identify work

flow process improvements. 

Policies align to the Customer Charter and

contribute to Aurora Energy delivering on

its value proposition. 

Information provided to external

stakeholders is prepared to a high standard

and is timely, accurate and consistent. 

Proactive follow-up with customers’ having

experienced planned or unplanned

outages to understand how

communication and feedback process

can be improved. 

We understand how our customers are

likely to adopt to emerging technologies in

the short and longer term and we can

track and monitor uptake.

Jobholder is accountable for: Jobholder is successful when: 

Own and develop Aurora Energy’s framework

and processes for communicating outage

notifications both direct to customers and via

third party agents.

Customer Initiated Works (CIW) Process Management

3. CIW process management 

Ensuring that customers are able to connect

to the Aurora Energy network in a timely, cost

effective manner, using the most appropriate

solutions to meet their electricity supply

requirements. 

Oversee the efficient delivery of Aurora

Energy’s Customer Initiated Works process. 

Working with the Service Delivery and

Contracts team, Design and Engineering

team and Commercial team to manage the

pool of existing and future CIW contractors to

ensure optimal resourcing is available. 

Providing customer account management to

ensure a high standard of customer service is

maintained and customers concerns/ queries

are resolved in a timely and effective way.

CIW works are completed in line with the

Aurora Energy Customer Charter and

managed in a way that aligns with the

Company’s Service Provider strategy. 

Manage and report on CIW programme

metric via a monthly dashboard. 

Ensure consistency in the delivery and

resource management of the CIW

programme across Dunedin and Central

Otago. 

Manage the quality of the CIW works

through the communication of effective

Aurora Energy standards and ensure

contractor compliance via audits. 

Administer the execution of commercial

terms with CIW contractors. 

Ensure highest safety outcomes for

customers, contractors and Aurora Energy

staff through active engagement with all


Communication and Reputation Management

4. Brand and Reputational Risk Management 

Developing a brand management system

and processes to ensure consistency and

alignment with Aurora Values. 

Developing and executing a comprehensive

external communications strategy, framework

and processes. 

Ensure effective monitoring of stakeholders

issues creating visibility and awareness of

reputational risks within Aurora and mitigating

emerging risks where practicable.

Overseeing Aurora community sponsorship


Aurora Energy’s Brand is presented

consistently across the business. 

Key stakeholders are educated and

informed of Aurora Energy’s plans. 

Media are educated and informed of

Aurora Energy’s plans and the Company’s

position is provided in any Aurora Energy-

related articles. 

Media perception of Aurora Energy is

benchmarked and trend analysis over time

identifies improvement. 

Key stakeholders are well briefed on Aurora

Energy’s activities and have a contact

person within the business.

5. Internal communications 

Developing and executing a comprehensive

internal communications strategy, framework

and processes. 

Staff and contractors understand the

Company’s plans at a high level and their

role in implementing them.

Jobholder is accountable for: Jobholder is successful when: 

Maintaining consistency between Aurora’s

internal and external communications. 

Providing internal communications support for

the leadership and management team 

Oversee the design (non IT) and content

management for Aurora’s corporate Intranet. 

Staff are informed of all material

developments in a timely manner. 

Staff are able to effectively communicate

business-wide issues through appropriate

internal communications channels. 

Leadership and management have access

to timely communications support.

6. External communications 

Produce and manage all of Aurora’s

corporate communications (advertising

campaigns, annual reports, notifications, etc.) 

Develop, communicate and execute a wider

Aurora communications strategy (including

digital communications strategy). 

Oversee the design (non IT) and content

management of Aurora’s corporate Internet 

Ensure effective external communications are

maintained throughout the delivery of

Aurora’s strategic projects and works


A rolling forward looking communications

programme is in place with clear and

consistent messaging and aligned to

support Aurora business objectives. 

Feedback from external stakeholders

positively refers to the quality and

relevance of communications from the


Human Resource Management

7. People, culture and performance 

Always modelling Aurora Energy’s values and

contributing to the organisation’s desired

culture. 

Monitoring and fostering the behaviours of

their team to ensure alignment with Aurora’s

values. 

Overseeing the workforce strategies to

achieve outcomes and guide the

organisation through any change. 

Supporting leaders and managers to build

and manage the capabilities and talents of

their teams. 

Developing and delivering effective and fit for

workforce relations practices. 

Developing and delivering the Aurora Energy

cultural programme in conjunction with the

CEO. 

Employee engagement is managed,

measured and benchmarked. 

Trend analysis identifies quantifiable

improvement in employee engagement

over time 

Aurora Energy is able to secure and retain

a skilled workforce capable of meeting the

challenges of the Company business plan

within budgetary constraints. 

Continuing professional development is

managed, measured and trend analysis

over time identifies consistent growth in

employee skills and capabilities to match

future organisational requirements. 

Succession plans are in place for all critical

roles. 

Talent is recognised and opportunities for

growth are created for top performing

employees. 

Performance is measured and outstanding

performance is celebrated and rewarded.

8. Leading and managing the performance and

development of the Customer and Engagement


  • Set accountabilities and targets that focus

on annual tactical plan delivery, ensuring

Jobholder is accountable for: Jobholder is successful when: 

Preparing and maintaining a Tactical Plan for

the Customer and Engagement team and

involving the team in developing and

actioning the plan. 

Setting and management of business unit

budgets in line with business and tactical

plans. 

Effectively communicating current priorities,

activities and policies. 

With the support of the Human Resources

team, ensuring the implementation of, and

compliance with, all Aurora Energy Human

Resources policies and processes, including

Review and Development. 

Ensures that the team is fully and effectively

staffed through robust recruitment, succession

planning and retention processes. 

Ensures all roles and responsibilities of the team

are clearly defined and understood and staff

are held accountable for performance. 

Continuous improvement of team

performance through effective management

review processes and developing staff

knowledge and skills. 

Team meetings and review processes are

consistently applied to ensure clear direction,

accountability and results.

alignment to Aurora Energy goals and

support delivery of the vision over time and

simplify decision making. 

Company safety, operational and financial

targets are achieved. 

The business unit Tactical Plan is aligned to

the Aurora Energy Business Plan. 

Business unit budgets, are achieved (or

favourably exceeded).

  • Team members are knowledgeable,

competent and professional in their

approach and contribution, both

individually and collectively, to Aurora’s


  • Aurora Energy’s people related policies are

consistently followed and processes are

implemented on time and to standard. 

Direct reports are coached and

empowered to achieve individual and

business goals. 

Team member competency development

needs are identified in Review and

Development Plans and actioned

accordingly. 

Leadership style builds a culture of

excellence and creates an environment

that inspires people to perform at their


Executive Leadership

9. Leadership across the company, fostering

collaboration across teams and promoting a

‘one Aurora Energy team’ culture 

Contribute to a common vision for the Aurora

Energy team by taking an active and

considered role in the development of

strategy across all areas. 

Promote and actively lead the vision across

Aurora Energy, and see the role as a key

leader for delivering change in all areas. 

Take time to visibly walk the floor, promote

the target direction, understand people’s

issues, and generally be approachable. 

Working with the Chief Executive, Board and

other Executives in the preparation of

strategies and business plans for Aurora

Energy. 

Strong contribution to strategy, supported

by strong preparation, and considered

review of ‘the best’ 

Has effective relationships across the

business and ensures development of the

vision, strategies and plans include strong

dialogue with others. 

Supports all aspects of strategy and active

in promoting strategy across Aurora

Energy. 

High visibility amongst staff across both

Dunedin and Central Otago and allows

time for informal discussions. 

Responsibilities for all aspects of the

experience process are clear, and decision

making processes are effective with

minimal rework / litigation.

  • Ensures staff have a clear understanding of

Aurora’s vision and strategy and aligns

employee effort to organisational goals.

Jobholder is accountable for: Jobholder is successful when: 

Feedback from team and manager shows

living the values. 

Business strategies, plans and targeted

outcomes are consistent with business

needs and stakeholder expectations.

Financial and Budget Management

10. Sound financial management and


  • OPEX and CAPEX budgets reflect high

quality business planning.

  • Maintenance of an up to date

understanding of the current financial

position of all aspects of group and

effective management of cash flow.

  • Contributes to and supports the

company’s ‘centre-led’ approach to

procurement strategies and complies with

group wide procurement and purchasing


  • Contributes to and supports compliance

with the company’s financial

management and administration

standards including Delegated Financial

Authority levels and reporting timeframes.

  • All financial reporting requirements are

adhered to.

Other related duties may be required from time-to-time.

3. Qualifications & Experience

Essential Desirable

1. Formal


Formal leadership or management

qualifications (such as a B.Com, MBA

etc.) or equivalent management


Health and safety experience and/or


2. Skills and


Senior management experience in the

electrical distribution industry.

Proven success in team leadership

resulting in staff engagement and

performance enhancement.

Excellent interpersonal and

communication skills including ability

to influence, build relationship and

maintain external networks

Strong strategic planning & decision

making skills

Good understanding of the

commercial context within the energy


Strong knowledge of relevant

legislation and maintains an active

interest in sector and technological


Has good understanding of

professional matters in their area of

expertise, as well as a high level of

business acumen and strong

customer orientation.

4. Key Capabilities & Behaviours

Below is a list of capabilities required and expected behaviours (including our values) that are

important to perform this role effectively and support the achievement of business goals.

Capability Set Description

Acts With Integrity: Behaves in an honest, professional, ethical and

responsible way, demonstrating accountability.

Manage Self & Improve: Shows drive and motivation, a measured

approach and a commitment to learning and growth.

Friendly and approachable - friendly, approachable and willing to


Display resilience and embraces change – is prepared to express their

views, and willing to accept and commit to change.

Communicate Effectively: Communicates clearly and proactively,

actively listens to others and responds with respect.

Work Collaboratively: Works well in a team, collaborates with others

and values their contribution, builds cooperative relationships and

foster a ‘One Aurora Team’ culture

Influence & Align: Gains consensus and commitment from others and

resolves issues and conflict constructively.

Solutions Focused: Achieves results through dedication, efficient use of

resources, a positive attitude and a commitment to quality outcomes

Plan & Prioritise: Plans to achieve priority outcomes and responds

flexibly to changing circumstances

Delivers Quality Work: Considers the business context and applies

technical skills effectively to develop practical solutions of a high


Health & Safety: Puts safety first, proactively focuses on employee

wellbeing and champions our safety rules.

Technology: Understands and use available technologies to maximise

efficiencies and effectiveness.

Customer Service: Promotes a culture of quality customer service,

ensuring that systems and processes drive delivery and a great

customer experience

Project Management: Understand and apply effective planning,

coordination and control methods.

Manage and Develop People: Engages and motivates staff, develops
capability and potential in others.

Provide Direction and Purpose: Communicates vision, strategy, goals,

and priorities and recognises achievements.

Optimise Business Outcomes: Manage resources effectively and apply

sound workforce planning principles.

Recognise and reward: Lets others know how they are doing and

shows appreciation and support for their contributions.

Champion & Manage Change: Support, champion and manage

change, and assist others to engage with change.









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