12 Jan

Veterinary Nurse Technologist Surgery Jobs Vacancy in Massey University Palmerston North

Veterinary Nurse Technologist Surgery
Massey University
Palmerston North MWT
12 Jan, 2018 30+ days ago

Massey University Palmerston North urgently required following position for Veterinary Nurse Technologist Surgery. Please read this job advertisement carefully before apply. There are some qualifications, experience and skills requirement that the employers require. Does your career history fit these requirements? Ensure you understand the role you are applying for and that it is suited to your skills and qualifications.

Follow the online directions, complete all the necessary fields, and provide all relevant information so your application is submitted correctly. When you click the 'Apply this Job' button (open in new window) you will be taken to the online application form. Here you will be asked to provide personal and contact details, respond to employment-related questions, and show how you meet the key selection criteria.

Veterinary Nurse Technologist Surgery Jobs Vacancy in Massey University Palmerston North Jobs Details:

The Massey University Veterinary Teaching Hospital operates a busy primary and referral clinical practice and teaches veterinary and veterinary technology students. We have recently completed building an entirely new sterile supply area to international standards and increasing its number of small animal and equine theatres in the near future. You will work alongside the surgical nursing team but may also rotate through other areas of the Veterinary Teaching Hospital in order to maintain core nursing skills.

The ability to deliver excellent and high quality surgery and sterile supply services, to supervise and instruct students during practical rotations, to contribute to the theoretical teaching of veterinary and veterinary technology students, to communicate with industry representatives and hold patient welfare and high work standards as a priority is essential. Duties may involve working with staff and patients from our companion animal, large animal and wildlife hospitals.

You will be expected to work a 37.5 hour week, however the willingness and ability to work outside of normal hours is essential. You will be required to be part of an on-call out of hour’s roster. You should be enthusiastic, motivated, organised, service-orientated and possess excellent communication skills.

Enquiries may be directed to Jill Hogan on 06 3569099 Extn 85266 or emailed to J.Hogan@massey.ac.nz

Job description Purpose statement To provide surgical nursing expertise including sterile supply support within the Massey University Veterinary Teaching Hospital. To assist in the maintenance of the surgical suites, clinic and hospital. To contribute to the practical and theoretical teaching of veterinary technology and veterinary science students.

Responsible to The appointee will be accountable to the Director of the Massey University Veterinary Teaching Hospital through the Surgical Nursing Team Supervisor.

Key accountabilities

  • Surgery
  • a) Surgical Nursing
    • Be responsible for the preparation of animals (predominantly small animal but may include production animal and equine patients) for surgery, as requested by the surgeon and anaesthetist.

    • Ensure that surgical instruments and other equipment are available and prepared as required for individual surgical procedures e.g. sterile instrument trays, endoscopes, arthroscopes, video monitor.

    • Assist with pre-surgical preparation e.g. clip wound site area, perform skin preparation, assist animal into surgery.

    • Document surgical consumables to assist with the pricing of each case and enter surgical charges as required.

    • Provide assistance to veterinary surgeons during operations as required. Circulate between concurrent surgeries as necessary.

    • Scrub-in and assist veterinary surgeons when clinicians and students are not available.

    b) Maintenance of Surgical Suites and Environment
    • Assist with the maintenance of standards in surgical suites and teaching theatres.

    • Ensure all instrumentation and equipment is correctly cleaned, prepared, packed, sterilised, and stored and handled.

    • Set up sterile surgical trays and theatres.

    • Implement, review and manage appropriate sterile supply and service protocols at all times.

  • Student Classes
    • Assist with the setting up of equipment for teaching classes (e.g. surgery, medicine and anaesthetic practical classes).
  • • Train students in surgical nursing procedures, operating theatre techniques and procedures as required (e.g. scrubbing, correct clothing, footwear, administration of medication, obtaining diagnostic samples, assisting with radiography).

    • Participate in the facilitation, design, implementation and assessment of BVT rosters in surgery and sterile supply.

    • Provide advice and assistance to students as required and answer their queries.

    • Provide lectures and practical teaching to Bachelor of Veterinary Science and Bachelor of Veterinary Technology students as requested and agreed by the Surgery team Supervisor.

    • Assist in practical examination set up and assessment.

  • General Nursing
    • Must perform general nursing activities adeptly to standards expected of a trained veterinary nurse. These include but are not limited to: patient handling; performance of routine procedures; administration of medications; collection and submission of diagnostic samples; patient monitoring and patient preparation for surgery.
  • • Must ensure that patient’s basic needs (food, water and exercise, comfort and hygiene) are met to standards expected within a veterinary hospital.

    • Ensure hygiene standards are at a high level in the designated area of responsibility within the hospital. Ensure that sharps containers and rubbish bins are not overfull and that shelves are appropriately stocked and tidy.

    • Attend to spills (blood, urine, faeces) in accordance with biosecurity policies and that there is appropriate signage for wet floors to meet OSH requirements.

  • Communication and IT
    • To be able to use, with appropriate in-house training, all the communications methods of the hospital (phone, fax, pager system, email) and to ensure hospital communications protocols are followed.
  • • To be able to use, with appropriate in-house training the hospitals practice management computer software system.

    • To be civil and courteous to all stakeholders at all times such that there is no justifiable cause for complaint from stakeholders.

    • Must possess a high level of mastery of the English language so that both written and verbal instructions and communications are clear and easily understandable by clients and students.

  • Equipment maintenance
    • To clean and maintain equipment promptly and efficiently according to protocols.

  • On-call
    • To provide on-call support to duty companion animal clinicians as part of an out of hours, on-call, roster.

  • • When on-call, to be accessible to duty clinicians and to be within 20 minutes of the VTH at all times.

    • To have a full, clean, driver’s licence.

  • Evening, night and weekend shifts
    • Be willing to participate in the 24 hour, seven day a week patient care and emergency services roster as required.

  • Continuing education
    • To actively participate in continuing education, personal and professional development activities as mutually agreed with line manager. To share new-found knowledge with colleagues.

  • Research
    • Be willing to assist with clinical research projects as and when required by academic staff and agreed by Supervisor

  • Other reasonable duties
    • To adeptly perform other reasonable duties as directed by the Hospital Director.

  • Person specification Qualifications Essential
    • Diploma (or demonstrable equivalent) of Veterinary Nursing or Bachelor of Veterinary Technology
    • Or Medical Nursing qualification

    Experience Essential
    • Knowledge of surgical nursing protocols
    • Knowledge of surgical, medical and veterinary terminology
    • Understanding of the aseptic and biosecurity requirements of surgical units

    • Previous experience in a similar role
    • Following qualification, at least one year in veterinary practice

    Personal attributes and behaviours Communication
    • Must possess a high level of mastery of the English language so that all instruction and communication, both written and verbal, are clear and easily understandable.
    • Occupational mental skills

    • Must be able to perform simple nursing calculations such as dose rates, fluid rates, and calorie calculations
    • Know the normal physiological parameters (heart rate, respiratory rate, temperature) of dogs and cats.

    Technical skills
    • Must be able to perform a simple physical examination to the standard deemed appropriate for a Diploma-level nurse.
    • For uncomplicated cases, must be able to successfully monitor and extubate cats and dogs recovering from anaesthesia.
    • Must be able to handle all types of common domestic pets in such a way that the level of restraint is appropriate for the purpose and injury is prevented to animals, handlers and veterinary staff.
    • Have previous experience with Cornerstone practice management software.
    • All of the following to a level expected from an experienced Diploma-level Veterinary Nurse:
    • Perform and assist with simple diagnostic procedures (ECG, blood sampling, radiography)
    • Perform a physical examination
    • Undertake core nursing technical skills (i/v drug administration, i/v pump maintenance, i/v catheter placement, cystocentesis)
    • Perform a basic dental prophy
    • Equine and production animal experience

    Innate abilities
    • To show initiative by recognising situations where colleagues need assistance and provide support without having to be asked.
    • Pick up new skills quickly following essential/core training such that extended training is not required.
    • Be able to effectively manage more than 1 task at a time such that all tasks get completed properly and in a timely fashion.

    Interpersonal skills
    • To have a positive influence on the morale of peers and the operations of the team.
    • Must demonstrate empathy to clients and animals.

    Physical capabilities
    • Sufficient visual acuity (with or without spectacles/contact lenses) to read case notes.
    • Sufficient hearing acuity (with or without hearing aids) so that electronic warning tones from commonly used equipment, telephone conversations and spoken orders can be heard.
    • Lift animals weighing up to 10 kg from the ground to a consulting room table.
    • Must be able to be on feet continually for 4 hours at a time and walk up to 8 km/day.

    • A full (non-restricted) driving licence
    • Must be available within 20 minutes of the VTH while on call
    • Must have independent means of transport while on call (i.e. not reliant on public transport)
    • Must be able to be on-call nights and weekends
    • Must be able to work shifts including nights and weekends

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